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Buffering Against Alcohol

Using a new assembly method, scientists have combined multiple enzymes in a polymer nanocapsule to reduce blood alcohol levels and liver damage in drunken mice

A nanocomplex of enzymes can lower blood alcohol levels and reduce liver damage in intoxicated mice, according to a study published today (February 17) in Nature Nanotechnology. The research, which employed a new technique to assemble and encapsulate multiple enzymes, suggests that tailored enzyme nanocomplexes could be built for a wide range of applications.

“It’s a very elegant approach to positioning enzymes in a controlled fashion, and it’s certainly a step forward,” said Jan van Hest, a professor of bio-organic chemistry at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Holland, who was not involved in the study. “They show very nice results already, with increased [enzyme] activity in living systems, and it’s a very generic approach so it looks like it could be extended [to other applications].”

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