Molecular Medicine Israel

Diagnostic Kits

Beckman Coulter Ltd

Immunoassay & Molecular Diagnostics Business Group, development and production of quality custom-designed recombination proteins for research and diagnostic purposes.

Bio-MarCare Technologies Ltd


Diamed-Israel Ltd

DIAMED-ISRAEL LTD. is an Israeli R&D and local manufacturing facility of DiaMed AG, Switzerland
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Ilex Medical Ltd

The Ilex Group has been leading the way in the field of in-vitro diagnostics since 1977

Pronto Diagnostics Ltd

Pronto Diagnostics is a fast moving, R&D-intensive company that has set out to serve clinical diagnostic laboratories
Genetic Disorders

Rav Galai Ltd

Rav Galai is manufacturinga diagnostic kit that allows rapid detection of antibiotic residues in milk

Savyon Diagnostics Ltd

Savyon Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic kits for the detection of infectious diseases
General Health

Zer Hitech Ltd

biotechnology company concentrating on fertility related and infectious disease products

Zetiq Technologies Ltd

develops effective cancer diagnostic tools