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Gene-edited human stem cell–derived β cells from a patient with monogenic diabetes reverse preexisting diabetes in mice

Repaired β cells for replacement therapy

Wolfram syndrome is a recessive genetic disease caused by mutations in WFS1 (Wolfram syndrome 1) and can present with a multitude of symptoms including diabetes, optic atrophy, and neurological problems. There is currently no cure and patients are managed with symptomatic treatment. Maxwell et al. corrected a WFS1 pathogenic variant in patient fibroblast-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) that they then differentiated to pancreatic β cells. The gene-corrected β cells showed improved glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and reversed hyperglycemia for 6 months after their transplantation into diabetic mice. This study may open up the possibility of autologous β cell transplants for patients with Wolfram syndrome…..

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