Molecular Medicine Israel

Reconstitution in vitro of the entire cycle of the mouse female germ line

The female germ line undergoes a unique sequence of differentiation processes that confers totipotency to the egg<a id="ref-link-2" title="Surani, M. A., Hayashi, K. & Hajkova, P . Genetic and epigenetic regulators of pluripotency. Cell 128, 747–762 (2007)” href=”″>1, 2. The reconstitution of these events in vitro using pluripotent stem cells is a key achievement in reproductive biology and regenerative medicine. Here we report successful reconstitution in vitro of the entire process of oogenesis from mouse pluripotent stem cells. Fully potent mature oocytes were generated in culture from embryonic stem cells and from induced pluripotent stem cells derived from both embryonic fibroblasts and adult tail tip fibroblasts. Moreover, pluripotent stem cell lines were re-derived from the eggs that were generated in vitro, thereby reconstituting the full female germline cycle in a dish. This culture system will provide a platform for elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying totipotency and the production of oocytes of other mammalian species in

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