Molecular Medicine Israel

Week in Review: April 14–18

Genome-wide effects of trisomy 21; RNA-based signs of transgenerational stress; depression and resilience; a call to overhaul US biomedical research system

Trisomy 21 Effects Seen Genome-wide

The extra chromosome behind Down’s syndrome can impact transcriptional regulation beyond chromosome 21, a study finds.

Traces of Trauma in Sperm RNA

A mouse study shows that molecular remnants of early-life stress can be passed on to future generations.

Triggering Resilience to Depression

In mice, boosting depression-causing activity in neurons can actually reverse depressive symptoms.

Report: Current Research System “Unsustainable”

Four prominent academics call for an overhaul of the US biomedical research workforce.

Women Receive Lab-Grown Vaginas

Doctors implant custom-made organs, built from a tissue sample and a biodegradable scaffold, into four female patients born with underdeveloped or missing vaginas.

Diverse Microbes in Hunter-Gatherers’ Guts

Modern hunter-gatherers have more diverse microbiota in their guts than do urban Europeans, but lack a few notable species.

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