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Dual Targeting Nanoparticle Stimulates the Immune System To Inhibit Tumor Growth

We describe the development of a nanoparticle platform that overcomes the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. These nanoparticles are coated with two different antibodies that simultaneously block the inhibitory checkpoint PD-L1 signal and stimulate T cells via the 4-1BB co-stimulatory pathway. These “immunoswitch” particles significantly delay tumor growth and extend survival in multiple in vivo models of murine melanoma and colon cancer in comparison to the use of soluble antibodies or nanoparticles separately conjugated with the inhibitory and stimulating antibodies. Immunoswitch particles enhance effector-target cell conjugation and bypass the requirement for cartier bracelets a priori knowledge of tumor antigens. The use of the immunoswitch cartier bracelets nanoparticles resulted in an increased density, specificity, and in vivo functionality of tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells. Changes fake cartier bracelets
in the T cell receptor repertoire against a single tumor antigen indicate immunoswitch particles expand an effective set of T cell clones. Our data show the potential of a signal-switching approach to cancer immunotherapy that simultaneously targets two stages of the cancer immunity cycle resulting in robust antitumor activity.

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